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  1. DaleTX

    Drone Detection Systems

    I don't believe the FCC considers it legal to jam any frequency, even on your own property - not that I agree with that. You'd probably have to buy it from China and definitely wouldn't have official support by any US company.
  2. DaleTX

    Drone Detection Systems

    I hate the things and was wondering if anyone has any experience with some of the new detection systems that are out there? Some of them use multiple technologies such as RF monitoring and radar. Unless it's completely autonomous, there will be some sort of control signal.
  3. From some previous discussion, I've heard that it's better to follow a design that uses separate cameras and IR illuminators, rather than relying on the perhaps more common single unit IR cameras. This is for two reasons: Bugs are drawn to the Illuminators rather than cameras, reducing motion events (of course not eliminating them) In my experience, the IR LEDs need to be replaced in about 2 years, because after that time the brightness seems to drop significantly. With separate Illuminators, the cameras need not be replaced. Do people out there agree with that logic? The downside, of course, is extra work up front to install the illuminators. Thanks.