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  1. Hello, I'am using IVMS 4200 1.2.0 for MAC OS. Problem is that don't work sound for live view and playback. Is there any solution for this ?
  2. Judreniskis

    Hikvision face detection

    Thank you Ryan for information. So hikvision cameras don't have face recognition function ? Only face detection ? My situation: 1. I need camera who can recognize faces when people entering in shop. Because some people stealing from this shop. 2. If possible. Need that camera triggering alarm when specific people enter to the shop. 3. Searching faces by IVMS 4200. If I understand from you message the 4 series doesn't support face recognition?
  3. Judreniskis

    Hikvision face detection

    Hello, Now i'am testing face detection. I'am using camera 4 series, NVR 7608NI-I2 and IVMS 4200 v. First question is how to make, that camera will showing green rectange in live view when he detect face? I enable Face Detetction, Dynamic Analysis for Face Detection and Rule in local settings, but not working it. Second question is maybe You now how search face by picture in ivms using Face Retrieval. When i selected picture and pressed search, show me error that not supported or something like that. Maybe you now where is problem ? All firmwares is latest.
  4. Hello, I have a question about ivms 4200. When i add 6 NVRs to ivms, ivms just closed. where there may be a problem?