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  1. squambhugsz

    Avtech KPD679-D help please!

    @leo hi sir if the dvr KPD679b or d if possible to have a cloud technology?and what firmware to upgrade to have a cloud technology? and the video viewer was not a cloud connection to view the DVR with cloud technology....regarding the port forwarding is have a problem to WAN IP of modem router and PUBLIC IP so that cannot port forwarding the DVR... thanks
  2. did you try to call the supplier and ask what is the mobile apps of your dvr....i think is wrong apps you download...
  3. squambhugsz

    forgot password to DVR

    try this password admin 12345 123456 no password just enter unless if you change already the password before you need to go the tect support when you buy the DVR...
  4. squambhugsz

    AVTECH NVR Problem

    did you try to update firmware..?
  5. squambhugsz

    CCTV Camera ccmpatibility

    did you try to set the POE switch to 48v..and set the IP address of the camera and NVR....
  6. good day... how many port did have a dvr except the http port...or you need to foot the mobile port...