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  1. May I please update this Hard drive failed shortly after so I purchased a new onevecact same as removed It still only records for 24 hours????
  2. I can only presume my nvr is broken because I can’t seem to get it to resolve What’s advisable to replace it with? Nvr with poe
  3. I kind of noticed that holiday mode but too, I set cameras to all and day thing to all as it currently shows the day I’m in. But when I go back to it it’s same again! How does it show I’m set to 24hr recording? Sorry I’ve had this system couple year but I struggle understanding using it.
  4. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/apples24/media/2904F387-CA3F-4F4C-9B60-4110B06E0CA1_zps3ggtjd8m.jpg.html http://smg.photobucket.com/user/apples24/media/C243A043-732E-41D3-B485-25F984EBEAA2_zpsu4bykldc.jpg.html http://smg.photobucket.com/user/apples24/media/2B7CEA86-202F-4AE5-80B0-F05B404BC14F_zpsw7enjmct.jpg.html http://smg.photobucket.com/user/apples24/media/84288207-CEB1-433C-8AF3-879CA8529FD0_zpsno9rgjgk.jpg.html
  5. It seems to be yes I just can’t for the life of me work it out!
  6. Hi yes I did do that couple days ago thinking it may resolve issue but it didn’t
  7. Hi all good morning Had my iapollo nvr 1tb for couple years with the two cans it seems to save well over a week of footage Recently it’s only recording for 24 hours? Going through menus I can’t find anything that I may of set whilst fiddling ?? Pls help quite confused quite pissed off lol
  8. i clicked dhcp saved and rebooted, and yes the ip address has v slightly changed so has the gateway still cant seem to access it though edited done a reset settings now working sort of, looks like i might need plug ins for the browser
  9. ok ill try that in morning as im at work now, for what reason is doing that mate and why>?
  10. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{screenshot removed}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} let me know once seen it so can change passwords etc
  11. thats what i thought, tried all the ip addresses in the network setting from my laptop thats wireless to the router, yes i have an ethernet from router to the nvr when i log into my virgin router the only wired item is
  12. i havent changed any settings on it, reason being on my last ip camera if i logged in it showed me an ip adress with a port number so i just typed the ip number in a browser followed by :8150 etc and it enabled me to log into the camera iphone im using
  13. bought the setup on ebay its the smaller nvr with 1tb hd works great all installed bloody noisy tho ill need to find a cupboard for it i think. anyways, my last y cam camera was easy to set up and access over internet. i even downloaded a couple apps iappolo and apollo client. no go so far, my question is, i bring up the network box but no matter what i type in browser or what port i type after it i get no were. i admit its a novice question and im clearly not informed enough but id like help setting it all up if anyone could please oblige as to were i am going wrong, i can post a screenshot of what i see on the tv thanks lee