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  1. Hi, I have a UI Tech Digital Video Recorder. I have forgotten my password & tried resetting via battery with no luck. I have taken the battery out for complete day and tried 000000 still no luck. Any suggestions would be great
  2. Hi, Is anyone have issues when the click fisheye on the live screen it goes to black? I want to make Quad View settings. I have a Hikvision & have added the camera to it but wanting to changing it to Quad view so I thought I would have to do it through the browser? Thank you
  3. Hi, We have a Exos Kaba access control system to allow swipe to work specific level however we also have an intercom system we would like that to allow the level to be unlocked for a certain amount of time. The Kaba Exos system can not allow a 3rd party to come in aswell. Any suggestions on how we can get this to work? Thank you
  4. There should be a model number on the bottom off the dvr.
  5. When you do setup your emails how would you set it up. Because You dont want to received emails every time you enter the room saying alarm lol. Do you have any idea what people do in this case?
  6. oh cheers mate thanks for that
  7. Hey, Yep I have a brand called Annke. Yes I can connect to my mobile phone lan and wan, Also my laptop. But emails not working no matter what I do. I have attached a build off it, Have a look and see if its similar to you.
  8. Hi, I have set up a dvr but having issues putting in the IMAP settings into the DVR. I have attached a snapshot off the settings im using. Just using gmail so should be ok. I even tried pingability to test the smtp.gmail.com but thats failing as well. Doesn't this work anymore? Any information would be great Thanks