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  1. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    Hi Peff, thank you for the picture, regarding the problem you met, there are two possible reasons. 1. pirated card using with our software, there are lots of pirated 7130 video capture card in the market. 2. it is wave-p 9404, but there are something wrong with the encryption chip built on board. When software running, it will detect encryption chip automatically, if there is nothing wrong with the encryption chip, software will run with no problem, if it is pirated card (no encryption chip on board) or board with defective encrytion chip, sofware will work like you met, playback like the picture you found on our Chinese website. Lots of foreign users, they may do not know how to differentiate pirated 7130 card and real ones. I hope what you own is wave-p 9404, you could return it to your local dealer asking for replacement.
  2. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    Hi , please upload a whole playback interface picture and also a picture of the DVR card you own. Thank you
  3. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    new feature in
  4. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    software with the bug fixed released on 7th Mar.
  5. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    problem already solved, will release software with the bug fixed fews days later, any wave-p user who met the same problem, could download new software from our website.
  6. www.wave-p.com

    9404A software problem

    received your email and replied. please check. wave-p.com
  7. www.wave-p.com

    wave-p 10104 software ?

    please contact me.
  8. Hi Stephen, PM me, i send you the latest user manual.
  9. wave-p Ether series cards ---minimum system requirements
  10. www.wave-p.com

    Specifications for a DVR Card

    Try wave-p Ether series card, good, stable,cheap. suitable for home and small business use. We have many distirbutors in India.
  11. www.wave-p.com

    Can anyone identify these DVRs?

    Not all the DVR cards are clones in China. ============================= Successfully developed the the first DVR card bulit in SAA7130 chipset in the world. [edit by mod - please, no advertising or self promoting on the forums, rk]
  12. Wave-p cards can only work with wave-p software, no other softwares compatible. Any problems, please contace me.
  13. our software is completely developed and researched by ourselves independently. Not fake copy cards!