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  1. iBoss

    New business need your help

    I am working on many types of equipment, I was project manager at Tyco company doing subcontracting all commercial like t-mobile, Verizon, 24hr fitness, etc. I also worked company ADR doing many projects for them. they had many different brands and Chinese staff. my projects mostly are done on Hikvision. clients like them. but I am going through to find good bids but every software asking to much price for service. I am not looking to going on government projects yet. I am not bigger enough. I am doing a small project from $1000-25000 my past project for labor was 12k for 32 piece cameras only for labor. they had the equipment ( Hikvision ). I need your help guys to recommend me some good software where are good bids small good bids. I have websites pages, cards, the primary website is under construction finishing soon. also doing it myself. have a web developer and IT experience of many years.
  2. iBoss

    New business need your help

    Hello, Everyone. sorry to bother you guys. I would love to get some advice and tips. I have registered company, have great experience in wiring and installing cameras. but going a lot of hard things like bids. I can't find any good software for providing good bids and don't be to much price. they asking colossal money for the software. you know or want to help me to get a small piece of potato too. I would love to hear all your advice. I try government bids too but they asking a lot of documentation and regulations, I am not big enough for it now. I have all websites, business cards, free business pages and many company pages like a thumbtack, google business, LinkedIn Instagram, etc. we are based in Brooklyn NY. looking to get new jobs and grow a little bit. thank you all of you best regards.