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  1. Good afternoon, I just recently purchased a Swann 960H Pro-Series security system. I have been trying to set it up, and everything seems to be going okay. (Email, NTP, etc.) The only issue I have been running into is with the DDNS. I have already setup the SwannDVR.com DDNS and the status is Enabled, but when I go into my DVR and enter the DDNS information & test it, it always gives me a Failed Test. I have entered the exact Username, Password, Device Domain Name and DDNS type. When looking in the manual, it states to use the email address used to create the Swanndvr.com account, but I never used an email address to make it. All it asked for was a Username, Password and some misc. security questions. So when it says to use the email address as the username, I am quite confused. Does anyone know what to do from this point? Thank you for your time, Euphorical