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  1. afee12345


    what type of splitter your using.change your splitter it may be a poor quilty type.
  2. hi i have a panasonic WV-NW474 ip camera installed.does any one know how to configure it to work on the net so i can view from any were in the world? please help
  3. afee12345

    installin cctv

    thankyou for the help i will try it out and let you know
  4. afee12345

    installin cctv

    v.good at soldering iron am i thinking what your thinking,cut the end of the wire and solder bnc connectores at te end, leaving the two +/_ wire to rig up to a transformer? if that is the case, would the wires be colour coded and which wire is what? any ideas many thanks
  5. afee12345

    installin cctv

    sorry guys the multiplex has bnc inputs(16)
  6. afee12345

    installin cctv

    hi everyone i need help in seting my cctv system up. i got 16 cameras (make :groupe bisset mythos ccd camera )on the back it says 12v max ,2w and for use with model mvs12e. there are also two 6 pin round din holes ,one says monitor and the other aux. now the question is i want to connect the cameras directley to a multiplexer 16ch.then to a recording device/monitor.is it possible to get a cable or adapter to convert from 6 pin din to normal twist din to go on to the multiplexer and how are the cameras going to power up(would i need to strip the wire and find the +/- wire and wire them directly to a transformer). desperatly need help as reading some threads i belive some pro on this site can help me out. a big thanks in advance