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  1. spy


    i have a number of 4k Hikvision cameras conected to 4k Nvr. Question am i going to notice the difference if i view the cameras on 32" 4k monitor or use 2k monitor
  2. spy


    Just about to buy Hikvision DS-7716-NI-I4. Just concerned about the fan noise. What iam after is someone who has a decible meter on there phone who could tell me how loud these machines run.
  3. spy

    Network Switch

    New to this IP camera setup. I need a 16 port gigabit switch. Do i need a managed or unmanaged switch? Any recomendations as to which brand. I don;t need poe on the switch as there is only power on 8 ports , iam going to use injector and splitters. Is there any other specs i need to look out for?
  4. Do any of you know of a TVI/AHD dvr with thumbnail/time slice search The only one i can find is a concept pro which expensive around £700 for only 4 channel
  5. I have a kguard system what i am looking for is an alternative cms I have found IQ software will work ok . Are there a more ?
  6. I have been useing Avermedia also Geovision Pc cards. What i am after is a stanalone dvr player with a visual thumbnail search similiar to avermedia what i dont want is just the usual timeline setup . Any ideas.