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  1. Hi. Has anyone extended their sata cable to their hard disk, away from the dvr 5 meters away? I hear loud No No noooo you can't do that!!!!! Yes you can do that! For the past 7 months, my hard disk is stored out of site 5 meters away from the DVR. Now the DVR instead of having a hard disk, has a "hard" bit of scrap metal inside, so it feels like it has some weight in it when you pick it up. How I did it: the HD cable inside the dvr extended it so that could stretch to the back of the box (you can buy male/female extension cables any length) . Made a neat slot on the back of the actual box, where I attached an E-sata bracket male to female adapter and on it, From outside, I plugged the extension 5m cable!!. This way my Hard disk is out of the DVR box. So now the would be thief can take away the DVR box, but I will have the evidence!. Adapter and 5X1m E-Sata extension cables available in Ebay China, no problem. I hope it helps someone. Ah, forgot to ask you guys, what you do if the bad boys turn OFF your electricity before they get in your property? You see, where I am, the electric meters are out on the street and they all have an MCB easily accessible in case of emergency, so the guys before they enter, turn your ±220V OFF and your CCTV is gone to sleep. oops! There again there are UPS (uninterrupted power supply) dedicated to give 12v for each camera for up to 4hrs) Mine has 18x12V connections, where I connected 10 cameras, the DVR, the router and the satellite internet. (had to downsize the V outputs for the router and the internet) And what happens if the cooling fan stops working? (don't forget it works 24/7) Because it happened, I fitted a thermostat which after getting above 30C it will cut the ±220V to the UPS. I think I managed to think about everything " title="Applause" /> Thank you! " title="Applause" />
  2. Just because it works some of the time doesnt mean you wont have issues. Also, have you tested to see how the drive will react when power is disconnected? Are the video files corrupted? Did you try playing the files on a pc or second NVR. Also, if you are paranoid about power being cutoff, the what are you going to do if the simply wear a mask... From the number of your posts to this forum, I see you don't do much else than being a D******d. " title="Applause" /> So get out and get some fresh air, mate! Get a life! Idiots, I can find everywhere!
  3. Thanks guys for your comments. It's 5 months since I've posted the question above, and I just want to say that everything is fine with my UPS in supplying the cameras, the DVR, the router and the Dish satellite internet, all that in case I get power disconnection prior to a robbery. The only thing that went wrong was the 50mm cooling fan inside the UPS. I replaced it with a 120mm fan which runs almost silently, and also added a thermostat that if the fan goes down again and the temperature increases inside the UPS, it will cut the supply to it so it doesn't fry up. I attach a photo of my UPS as when I bought it. Cheap as chips £62 incl Postage with DHL and + £ the battery. I don't think you can get it cheaper elsewhere, Good old China, what we'll do without them? Please don't ask me for more details, otherwise the MOD will tell me
  4. Hello friends. Newbie here, with no electronics experience , so some “support” please. ☺ Installing in my house and garage a Sannce 9 cameras system. UPS or PSS? I've tried it on an old 300W UPS having wired a large car battery to it and after 5 minutes cut out. Only the router and the WIFI modem were connected. I keep reading that UPSs are for giving you the time to turn off the Desktop and not much else. Second why we increase the Voltage to 220 and then drop it to 12V, waste of money IMHO. There are switches that do just that. Give you 12V per channel, and the battery will last longer. Interested to hear other opinions on this. From someone with electronics Know-How please. I’ve ordered from China £62, (Ebay, Amazon expensive with small outputs, do a Gsearch for CCTV POWER SUPPLY SWITCH they come with backup or without), an 18channel 20A, (20A in total) power switcher with a battery backup. Each channel is 1.1A X 18ch=20A. There will be no problem with the cameras drawing .5A each, what is worrying me is the DVR with the Hard disk. 1) Does anyone knows how ±many Amps the DVRs draws ? I know they don’t do too much “manual” work to use a big load, the HD probably is doing the most. Sannce ‘technical’ girls, know less than my cat… 2) In this Hyper super backup box of mine, each channel has its own protection circuit, with its own fuse etc. Now my question is: How about if I were to “bridge” in parallel 2 adjoining channels and then draw out from those two channels to power the DVR. Will it give me 2.2A or it will fry up??? The fuses are PTC (Resetable), will they stand to the challenge or would I have to solder larger fuses there? Remember I will be doubling the demand by drawing 2.2A from two channels but also doubling their strength. 3) As long I don’t draw more than the 20A maximum capacity of the transformer should I have a problem? 4) Last question: I am sure many have asked this one. What are the disadvantages, except of fumes in the house and acid on the floor, when I miss the dog… Thank you
  5. I am NOT telling you! of course it reads and writes and formats and partitions. That's why I posted this, because everybody says what you just said. Yes it works to my surprise too!
  6. Nobody mentioned cloud saving the video recording, safest place. Thieves will be very surprised when they see their face in the Wanted list, mean time they think they removed the evidence.