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  1. skane

    Luxriot Pros/Cons?

    Luxriot has a broadcast server that can be used for browser-access (activex not required) to live views and recorded footage.
  2. Running a PCI-E card that supports port multiplication to an external enclosure works fine. I use Addonics controllers in external boxes, I have cheap reliable working configurations that add up to 20 drives running off one PCI-E slot. Writing to the drives is never more than 3 at a time and bandwidth is not a problem. The SANS Digital enclosures work ok, but it's cheaper and better to build your own (after some experimentation). It's convenient for swinging dedicated storage around between primary and backup servers in environments without SAN. I do this for video-editing machines too, when I can't have massive amounts of data going over a network. Storage boxes are just placed next to the server in a rack, no issue with cables getting pulled.
  3. Try Evetar. They supply Vivotek and appear to also supply Axis. http://evetar.ru/en/products/board_lens/
  4. Probably Vivotek FD8362E with slightly different case and illuminators. http://www.vivotek.com/products/model.php?network_camera=fd8362e&tab=spe
  5. If you need a 4:3 ratio with same/better WDR, take a look at the IP8151P. It's a WDR p-iris 1.3 MP. I extensively tested an IP8151 and IP8162P side by side for a year, and IMO, the 8151 has better image quality than the 8162P.
  6. Evetar makes lenses that can be used for replacing lens on the IP8332. I believe they supply the stock lens for the IP8332 as well. It's not on site, but I've heard from my distributor they make a MP IR board lens with focal length less than the stock 3.6mm lens. http://evetar.ru/en/products/board_1mpix_lens/
  7. Check out Videolarm. Pricey, built like a tank, and not ugly. Most all enclosures support industry standard 1/4x20 screw mount for attaching cams; just need to make sure the enclosure can accommodate the cam+lens+cabling size requirements. The 4" Arecont dome is well made, but it limits lens options for the standard size Arecont box cams.
  8. +1. For this type of requirement, I would lean toward a few decent quality camcorders that have zoom, remote, and autofocus features. Maybe put them on PTZ mounts. You'll get audio and red recording lights off the camcorder. Face the camcorder screen toward the front of cam for review/aiming.
  9. Please post purchase dates and/or MAC address ranges for problem cameras. Might help others to see some consistency/trend for bad batches.
  10. Correct. You should also set a password for the "root" id on the cameras, and your NVR software will need that id/password info if you set a password for the "root" id.
  11. Default network setting for the IP8332 should be to get an IP address through DHCP (if that's how your LAN is set up). Go into your router interface and check the attached devices, the cameras should be there. Then connect to each camera with IE and configure the cams for fixed ip addresses. Since there are just 6 cams, this shouldn't be too tedious. hth
  12. The FD8134 is not sealed against moisture, dust, and small insects. Small insects, then spiders, will love using the dome as their home. For outdoors, I would use the FD8134V, IP8332, or FD8133.
  13. If this is residential application and the punks are victimizing occupied properties, consider using outdoor motion detectors during the activity-timeframe, and catch them in the act.