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  1. How the manufacturer of cctv camera identify the camera specification for TVL, lux & etc? where to buy the tester ?
  2. lyylyy

    Multiple PTZ Dome

    How to construct a system with multiple PTZ-Domes with DVR? TQ!
  3. Why not using intel original motherboard? 100% compatible. At least 3 year warranties, favourable to installers.
  4. I am new to PTZ dome installtion. If I have 2 or more units of PTZ Dome, 1 unit of controller (multi-PTZ dome) & 1 unit of PC-based DVR. What should I install? What type of cable I needed? What other accesories I needed? What I need to know for DVR setting in controlling the PTZ? Can both control & DVR control the PTZ dome in the same time? Thank you!
  5. lyylyy

    PTZ control....wired or wireless

    The radius for Center to the PTZ is 5 KM. Option A Site A, B, C connected to internet, and allow for remote viewing & controlling thePTZ dome. Option B. using 2.4GHz wireless LAN access point. Which solution is better?
  6. Hi all, I am tendering a project in a town council. please help me, thank you!!! The system consist of 6 PTZ dome, can control remotely from Center & remote PC (internet) Site A 1 unit PTZ Dome, 1 unit DVR Site B 1 unit PTZ Dome, 1 unit DVR Site C 4 unit PTZ Dome, 1 unit DVR The Center is located in a highrise building . The Center DVR always connected to internet (ADSL) for remote viewing. The location of the camera is a buzling area. 1. Anyone with is familiar with 2.4GHz Wirelss LAM access point? Is that reliable for the above case? OR is that any other solution? 2. Do you think that the speed can connected at real time? 3. Do you think any possibility the malfunction of control of PTZ Dome from the Center & remote PC (via internet) any solution for the problem? Once again, thanks for your opinion !!!