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  1. It probably depends on what the footage would be used for if not just for viewing purposes. If someone was in an accident they would most likely prefer high quality, or say "storm chasers" would want super high quality as they offer their clips to News outlets for profit. I would be happy to have front and rear capabilities with high quality. I think most of us want the best images we can acquire. Interesting topic, just finished reading it.
  2. Hello, I am shopping for a new system and found this site. One issue is I find a lot of Apps for viewing away from home/business don't have very good ratings. I put that as an important part of making my decision. I know I want a 8 channel minimum although feel eight is plenty for me and want something with high quality images on view and playback. I believe it seems like high quality depends on the amount of TVL's. So here I am trying to learn. Located in the Finger Lakes Region of NY State.