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  1. Still not working should i reboot and retry. What can I do if I cant get the code to work. I contacted Hikvision but they were no help. The box says made in china s/n is 556962065
  2. does it make a difference if the nvr was made in china
  3. which number do i enter because neithier one is working
  4. I have the same problem and they are giving a hard time to get the reset code *Full serial number on SADP: DS-7608NI-E2/8P0820151125AARR556962065WCVU  V3.4.0build 151103/dsp version v5.0 build 150824 *Current date on device(example: 2014-05-22)  2016-05-03 * Device start time & date on SADP(example: 2014-05-22 1:11 PM)  2016-03-25-18:04:12