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  1. Hi, my company made an access control DIY suite for normal consumers. We made the operation all on mobile APP, including the device & personnel management, NFC/Bluetooth/IP door opening, event history and etc. The installation and setup would be easy, and is able to fulfill normal consumers' needs. There isn't complex settings on PC, just use mobile phone and set up all things in APP, within 1 minutes. I recorded a demo video, here is the link: Please watch and give me your thoughts about it
  2. You need to change your developers. LED buttons have been around for years it's nothing new Not the same, our frame is made of metal, looks better. BTW, do you find any similar design as this model?
  3. Hi, our company developed a reader with LED back light, will help you see the buttons in darkness. And all the buttons are touch panel. Will you like this design?
  4. Haha, not only Chinese product has backdoor. What you can do is not to tell your IP to others. Otherwise the R&D is able to visit your cam easily. You could also prevent hacking by just using LAN.
  5. Come on, our high-end controller's card holder limit is 1 million. You know in China, the factory has much more workers than other country. When managing 500,000 card holders, our system can react in 0.3 seconds. You know how fast it is.
  6. Exactly.. Hardware is hardware. Software is the key. Agree. After a month, will let you see our mobile access control APP.
  7. When You guys in China will learn how to create decent software, We will talk Well thank you for your opinion. Actually we got some advice from our partner, and we are improving the software. Next month we will release an access control DIY set, which is managed by mobile APP. Will let you know our software could be amazing
  8. Hi guys, I'm a engineer from China. Since I know the price difference of access control is huge between big brands and other non-famous brands. So I think it's time to look for cheaper product with acceptable quality. I want to learn what's your opinion. Here is my opinion. I think the big brand is too expensive, the product is good, but cannot match its price. The small brand is much cheaper, but nobody want to try because of the risk. Distributors should pay more effort to try the non-famous brand, to find cheaper products with acceptable cost for the market. I have been learning some access control systems in China, the quality is not far from Honeywell or HID, but much cheaper. If we can spend time on testing and identifying the good Chinese brands, I believe the profit will goes higher, and easier to expand the market. Just like the CCTV market, who sells Hikvision or Dahua many years ago earned much from it. Am I the only one thinks so?