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  1. Hello group I'm presently running a camera without an IR illuminator. The reason is because it's behind glass and I don't want the reflection. I want to mount an IR illuminator outside and pointing at the same targets as the camera. The camera is pointing across the street at my driveway and garage. The total distance from the camera to the driveway is roughly 70 to 80 feet away. Could you please make a suggestion for an IR illuminator that would fit my purpose? Thank you
  2. Thanks for letting me know that my analog system is okay. I really don't want to return it if I don't have to. Today I'm in the market for an IR illuminator. I'm going to leave my camera behind glass with the IR off. I will be purchasing an IR illuminator that will be placed outside. Thanks guys for all your help and if I should think of anything I'll let you know. Of course I'll let you know my progress with the IR illuminator.
  3. A good system will give clearer more recognizable images for day and night use I see that you're a licensed installer and trainer. In your professional opinion, do you think I am better off with the digital system or an analog? I presently have an analog system and I still have another five weeks to take advantage of my return policy back to Lorex. What you think I should do?
  4. I still get blurry images at night no matter what settings i use. I'm not sure if I'm really happy with this system. Do you guys think or know if a digital system will give clearer more recognizable images for night and day use?
  5. Great response and makes a lot of sense. I have the camera pointed across the street in my driveway which is probably 60 feet away. There are some streetlights and a driveway light but it may not be bright enough. This would explain the slowing shutter as you said. They are IR cameras and I have them placed behind glass. Because of the reflection in the glass I had to cut the appropriate IR wire which eliminated the IR light and stop the reflection in the glass. You read my mind when you said reset to factory settings. After last night's testing which went wrong I decided this morning to set to factory settings. I will leave it at factory settings overnight and see what happens. If I find that the shutter is still slow I will attempt to make adjustments. If so I would only make adjustments to the shutter and nothing else. That may have been some of my problems, playing with too many controls. Thanks for being there!!
  6. Still working on the night settings. Haven't had much luck with setting 7. I'll try resetting lower tonight. Do you guys know where I can get a list of the following abbreviations for the two cameras I originally listed. Delay, DP comp, privacy, DNR, AGC, sens up. And what is self adaption? Thank you
  7. Hey guys thanks for the great response to my post. I just finished setting the cameras for day and night both at level 7. Let's see what happens tonight and I'll get back to you guys tomorrow. Thank you
  8. Hello group I am new to this group and please forgive me for being a complete amateur at video surveillance. The reason that I'm coming here is because the company I purchased the unit from does not have knowledgeable technical support to resolve my issue. I have a Lorex DV-7041 analog DVR and the two cameras I want to talk about and are an LEV2724B and LEV2750AB. The problem i'm trying to resolve is. On both of the name cameras above. When I go through recorded events during the night time and view moving objects for instance moving cars or people walking by. When I stop the video clip on a moving car it is just like a blur. The same goes for people walking by. The images are always blurred when I stop the video. But when I do it during the daytime the pictures are always crystal clear and completely without any blur. The cameras are presently set on 1080P but I've tried them on 720P, 960H and anything else I can find and still cannot resolve the issue. If you can help me resolve this issue I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you