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  1. nighthawk1221

    IP cameras and POS system

    Basically the same thing as I showed on amazon, and i'm sure LTS will be charging more then Amazon But thanks actually you should check with LTS cause it may be cheaper that the 2 links that were posted before.
  2. nighthawk1221

    IP cameras and POS system

    Just as a followup in case other people are interested, LTS now sells a RS232-to-IP converter that will allow you to hook up a POS easily to any LTS NVR that supports the POS function. http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/accessory-ethernet-tcp-ip-converter.html LTS DVRs/NVRs also have a smart search function now that allows you to search the video clips by transaction and view the playback clip of said transaction.
  3. I do know that the NVMS7000 application works well on iphone/android as well as on the PC, but there are lots of bugs in the mac version when used on the el capitan version of apple OS. I think it is fine to provide them general iphone and android access using the mobile versions of the NVMS7000 app as it is a lot easier to setup then the PC/MAC version.