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  1. ruairi

    Version 8.5 Unable to speed up video in viewlog?

    Yes, had that problem on the first unit I built with 8.5. Posted the issue elsewhere but got no answers. I could slow down the playback, then speed it up again until 1X, then no more. At least I'm not alone ! I downgraded that unit to, have stayed with that on new units this week as well. I'll wait for 8.5.1 I think.
  2. ruairi

    Geovision Anologue + IP Query

    32 in total is the maximum.
  3. ruairi

    DSP and IP cameras

    IP cameras don't show up on the analog spot monitor outputs. You need to use the new "Digital matrix" feature instead in v8.4 which uses a VGA/DVI/HDMI connector from a graphics card.
  4. ruairi

    new cameras missing in webcam server...

    Go into General settings, passwords. Look at the webcam tab for the username that you are connecting to remotely, make sure the new cameras are checked in there.
  5. PTZ selection has moved to the "Accessories" menu option in v8.4
  6. ruairi

    IP Camera Supported List

    v8.4 will support Onvif, so many more cameras will come into the fold. Due next week. Also, Geovision are dropping the requirement for a dongle if you use their cameras. That will make an all Geovision IP solution very competitive.
  7. ruairi

    GV-1480 help

    http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/product/SupportIPCAM_AXIS.htm Not listed on the latest list
  8. ruairi

    PIP view on spot monitor

    Digital matrix does not support PIP or PAP.
  9. ruairi

    Does the GeoVision IP cam need a dongle?

    So do you know the answer to Rorys question or not ?
  10. ruairi

    Can I re-arrange Camera order in LIVEVIEW

    Option two I'm afraid, re-arrange the wires. Spot monitor is programmable, but not the main screen.
  11. ruairi

    Can I re-arrange Camera order in LIVEVIEW

    if it can be done with ip it should also work with standard cameras. this is just the screen view. with the new geovision it has drag and drop. place mouse over camera hold down right mouse button drag camera to new location let mouse go. The setup for IP and analog is very different, with IP you get to choose which camera position you want. There is no drag and drop feature on the main screen, I don't know what you are talking about there.
  12. ruairi

    Can I re-arrange Camera order in LIVEVIEW

    Not possible with analog cameras, can be done with IP.
  13. ruairi

    No More GV-Lopp Through?

    It is true. I tried to get some last year, but no joy. They told me they felt they were no longer needed because of the matrix functions in v8.3. Crazy decision.
  14. ruairi

    Mail setup subject

    No, only the body of the mail shows the camera name, not the subject.
  15. ruairi

    Geovision IP Camera Questions