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  1. jtsecurity

    1080P Analog camera on regular DVR

    TVI and AHD cameras will not work on older analogue systems, however older analogue cameras can be put onto newer TVI and AHD DVRs. Some HIKVision cameras that we install have a standard analogue output as well as TVI. The standard analogue output gives you the option to connect to older analogue recorders however the image will only be 700TVL. For distances. TVI and AHD works on the same principle as standard analogue so images can be run 400 metres and beyond with CAT5 and BALUNS. There will be a limit with RG59 however it is well beyond 100metres so that information is incorrect. The only distance problem with RG59 under 100metres is for HD-SDI. Hope this clarifys a couple of things for you.
  2. jtsecurity

    viewing from remote devices

    Upload speed is a major factor in viewing your CCTV remotely. unless you upgrade your broadband to a better upload speed it will always potentially struggle. more so if someone else is also using the network locally where the system is located.
  3. Sounds like you have some menu altered somewhere which would cause the camera to pull in too much light. maybe sens-up too high. Sens-up is designed to hold a camera iris open longer and let more light in to enhance a darker picture. The issue being that the menu applies permanently which will potentially cause the daytime image to pull in too much light and white out the picture. default the camera and start from scratch making only minor adjustments. The menu adjustments are great but sometimes have an adverse effect.
  4. jtsecurity

    1300 TVL Cameras

    1300TVL would be around the quality of 1080p. However, we see so much that people believe that TVL is be all and end all of a cameras quality. Ultimately the quality of the chipset on the camera and the DVR processing the images dictates the overall picture. It is easily possible that a camera with 1300TVL and power chipset will not be as good as say a 1000TVL camera with a good chipset. Usually the issue is not obvious during the daytime but at night is when a cheap poorer camera will suffer.
  5. jtsecurity


    Sometimes there can be incompatibility with earlier firmware causing glitches. It may be worth downloading the very latest version of the CMS software from the companies website and it may solve the issue.
  6. jtsecurity

    Maintenance Contract Quote

    Generally on a system that was not originally installed by us we would charge a flat rate for maintenance to a 1-4 camera system. Then just add a further flat rate charge per every camera after that.
  7. jtsecurity

    8CH balun

    It is possible that this is an Active Balun that needs to be powered otherwise it won't work. Also make sure your + and - connections are the same at both the camera end and the 8ch Balun.
  8. jtsecurity

    Hikvision: Internal NIC IP4 Address & DHCP?

    On HIKVision POE NVRs they have a seperate range which is 192.168.254.? for each camera. Leave these address as they are as it keeps things hell of alot simpler setting up your cameras. To set up remote access. Via "configuration" in the menu go to "network" then enable dhcp and apply. Depending how old the firmware is it will do 1 of 2 things. It will automatically all the credentials on that page to what the NVR has got from your network. Alternatively if that does not happen you will need to go back to main menu then to "maintenance" and to "network". In this part you find all the details that your nvr has assigned for remote network access. Take note of these details and go back to "configuration" and "network". Once here untick the DHCP box and manually input all the details noted from other menu then click apply. You will also need to port forward 3 ports on your internet router to the local ip address for remote access. the ports are 80 , 8000 , 554 . You can either enable and pick your own DDNS address vi configuration menu or use your property external IP address via HIKVisions iVms-4500 app.
  9. jtsecurity

    Analog to digital

    HIKVision HD-TVI products are outstanding. Shortly 3mp versions will be released giving you better than 1080p HD quality for alot cheaper than IP. Also allowing you to keep your existing cabling. You will need to replace both camera and recorder to get the HD quality but well worth the investment.
  10. jtsecurity

    cctv blur night images

    Ghosting would always be caused by the actual camera not the DVR. Usually ghosting will never occur when Infra red is on, If the cameras don't have IR then you would need Sens-up. Sens-up is designed to force the iris of the camera lens open for longer to allow more light in to prevent ghosting. Simplest option is to use Infra-Red cameras so ghosting will occur.
  11. jtsecurity

    hikvision tvi dvr vga & hmdi

    HIKVision latest versions of DS-7200HGHI-SH Models now have an added BNC as well as HDMI and VGA. you can program seperate output for the VGA/HDMI and the BNC. Downside being you don't get HD quality picture from the BNC output