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  1. leshill

    RS485 question

    Hi there, I didn't know if that would upset either system due to possible conflict between the two devices so that's, i'll give that a try. Tell me, is there a way of getting the camera buttons on the joystick to turn the picture over, normally this is done via the mouse and clicking on the image you want to maximize?
  2. Hi all, I have a sannace DVR with 4 x PTZ cameras controlled via the RS485 port which works perfectly. What I'd like to do is use a keyboard and joystick unit by way of feeding the camera's by the RS485 on the camera's straight to the joystick. Now here;s the issue, I'd also like to control the PTZ function by way of remote app for the DVR but because the RS485 feed from the camera's will be going to the keyboard/joystick that won't work. So question is is there a way to take a single RS485 connector and and have that connect to both the DVR and the keyboard/joystick since I don't believe you are able to just connect the two in parallel?
  3. Hi All, I have an 8ch DVR FLOUREON D6008D-f software version V1.0.1.3054 dated 20/4/2015. Can somebody tell me how to find an update. Also trying to setup e-mail alert and its says illegal mailbox! help