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  1. I am planning to build and design PTZ and IP cameras across our town. Which should I use as an transmitter?Litebeam m5, Powerbeam m5 or Nanostation m5. Which is better for gain connectivity? It is an urban area with high noise. I am planning to use and rocket Sector antenna. TIA
  2. jc_james03

    Color contrast problem HELP!

    yes but the cameras seems to be broken. WHen it hits bright light it will turn to green
  3. jc_james03

    Color contrast problem HELP!

    Please help I don't know what's the problem of the CCTV camera the lights and color contrast is different. please see attached file for reference.Thank you in advance!
  4. Can anyone help me get a manual for cp-uap-sc23cl6 or send me a link of it I have trouble Configuring it. Thanks a lot
  5. I think it has a wrong firmware. You need to flash the correct firmware
  6. CAn anyone give me a link or a manual to CP plus CP-UAP-SC23CL6 analog ptz camera.
  7. jc_james03

    DVR wil not load after an upgrade

    You can download a TFTP tool to flash the right firmware.
  8. Can anyone help me. I recorder a camera with a microphone and when I started a playback their is no audio output in DVR. Thanks for your time
  9. Can anyone help me how to hard reset Hikvision dvr to factory reset? MODEL: DS-7208HWI-E2
  10. jc_james03

    DVR wil not load after an upgrade

    @ben10 my dvr has a rs232
  11. jc_james03

    DVR wil not load after an upgrade

    Could you teach me how to correct it?
  12. Can anyone help me in my DVR after an upgrade it will not load to its GUI and it start to beep too long and will not stop. DVR HIKVISION Model DS-7208HWI-E2