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  1. marvycastillo

    Rusco-Lenel-GE-FC Prox reader replacement

    Are you taking about the 940 and T100 readers? You can use wiegand HID reader or T500 reader.
  2. I agree with Boggieman, bullet and turret are best use outdoor. Mounting dome outside is a little tricky. Better if you use tamper with audible alarm if possible.
  3. marvycastillo

    CCTV Cable

    I think you need to consider the distance. As far as I know, baluns has limited distance.
  4. marvycastillo

    Think I need Auto-Iris, need help. Have several HIKVision

    BLC feature is good, but I think opening of the door will still give a flash of light though maybe just for a short period of time. But it definitely wont flash out youre whole screen.
  5. Hi to all, I dont know if im doing it right but here is what I've done and the problem I encounter. 1. Configure the IP camera to connect to WiFi(Mac Router). 2. After I connect the camera to wifi, I cannot view the camera even in the web browser. I set the camera to DHCP but i check the IP address in the router so that I know the IP to use to open the GUI of the camera. 3. I tried t reset the camera to factory default but even I use the default IP, now, I cannot ping or even open the camera using web browser. TIA