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  1. TurtleBucket

    [SOLVED]Floureon Generic DVR Password

    SOLVED: Managed to connect the unit to the laptop via ethernet and bruteforced the root password xc3511, which happens to be in a fair number of places around the internets. Blanked the password for the admin and my user in the Accounts1 file. Logged in. Thanks Anyways!
  2. So, I've forgotten my password. I have two users, one being admin. I have tried everything, pulling the battery only stops the time. Tried several superpassword programs. Everything metasploit has and still nothing. The date on the DVR is 2016-05-16. I have access to a soldering iron, serial and jtag. Anyone got any ideas? For bonus points, telnet access, pin headers. Thanks! Edit: Forgot pictures http://imgur.com/a/5q0a6