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  1. Good evening! I recived an IP camera HD Fully Integrated PTZ. Iwired it to my computer through theEhernt and USB ports. I can monitor it from the local server (by writtig the camera IP address in Internet when wired to my computer by the Ethernet port). Yet, I'm no able to monitor it sendin it Pelco-D frames myself with 232Alyzer which use the USB port and this despite of following th tutorial from 232Analyzer website. Thus, how can I monitor my IP Camera sending it Pelco-D frames myself?
  2. I am trying to access to the camera through Product tool V2.1.0.1 because I don't have the admin password. Yet, even if I'm able to connect to the camera web page, I'm unable to find it on Product tool. Can you help me find it to be able to log in and access the main window? My firewall is desactivated and my camera is an High Speed Positioning System
  3. You were right, they weren't on the same subnet! I changed it and I am now even able to ping the camera. Thank you! Still, I don't have the password to log in from IE. Yet, I should be able to log in from Product Tool without the password. However Product tool still don't list the camera IP address... Do you know how can I access it?
  4. I forget to wire the ethernet cable to the computer, Yet, I'm not able to find the camera ip address with SearchTools V2...
  5. Thank you for considering my question, I don't know if they are on the same subnet, I think I know how to do it on a linux laptop but not on a Windows pc... Furthermore I don't have access to internet with the laptop that is working with the camera. Yet, I think I can do it with the ConfigTools.exe and ask to install Firefox on the laptop from the work or try to do it with my own computer which has it.
  6. Hi! I'm quite new the world of CCTV but I have to install one for a Computer Science internship. Yet, I have some issues to install it which is a "High Speed Positionning System" which user's guide can be found here: http://icrealtime.com/docs/product-manual/Man_ICIPT20MIR6.pdf Indeed even if I have found its IP address: 192.168.X.XX, I am not able to reach it from IE (which is the step 2.2 of its configuration). Even if I assumed that I have to plug it and turn it on despite of the recomendation not to turn it on until it is installed. Therfore how to reach my device from IE to access the web service? Thanks in advance!