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  1. Swann never did bother to fix this issue. Anyway my NVR7400 system is almost 10 years old now. Time for an upgrade. What is the best ethernet system out there in 2024? Preferably not Swann!
  2. Six years later and this is still happening. Has anyone provided a simple solution to being able to get night recordings to play at NORMAL speed with the NVR7400???
  3. I just did the forced migration from Safe by Swann app to the new Swann app for the Flocam HD spotlight cameras. I'm getting motion detection notifications but when I click on them I am unable to view them. It just takes me to the live view. Anyone else having this issue or know how to solve it? I'm running on a Note 9 Android 10
  4. Hi, My 2x spotlight cameras just updated to firmware version v1.5.2 Does anyone know what the firmware update actually does? Thank you
  5. Night time footage plays at double speed for me as well. Did you ever find a solution for this?
  6. Night time footage plays at double speed for me as well. Did you ever find a solution for this?
  7. I need to connect an external HDD to my Swann SWNVK-873004 Profesional HD Security System to take the storage from internal 2TB to 5 TB. It needs to be an Esata connection. Is there a recommended external HDD for this model? What are others using? Thank you
  8. Hi guys, One of my seven Swann NHD815 CCTV Cameras is not flicking to night mode when it gets dark when I have the CDS feature enabled. It is staying stuck in day mode. When I manually change it from day to night (black and white) mode I hear the click sound through my PC speakers. I have to run that camera in black & white mode all the time now as it isn't changing from day to night mode after sunset. Any suggestions or fixes? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering what the best external E-sata hard drive would be to get to add extra storage to my NVR8 7200 Swann 2TB CCTV system running NHD815 cameras? Thanks
  10. slattery

    Motion Detection - Swann NVR

    I tried to set it up using these cameras but it was almost impossible. Too sensitive.
  11. I have 7 of these cameras installed and have had no issues for 6 months. All of the cameras are set to CDS mode which means they automatically change to black and white night mode once it gets too dark. Last night one of the cameras all of a sudden stopped automatically changing to night mode. It stays in day mode and therefore has a poor dark picture. The infra red lights are showing on the camera but for some reason it just wont switch to night (black and white) mode. I have had to manually set that camera to black and white mode permanently so that it is viewable at night, which now means that during the day the picture from it is also in black and white. (Unless I manually change it back to CDS every day) When I manually change it though I am still hearing the click which is strange. Any idea what would be causing it? Thank you http://www.swann.com/au/swnhd-815cam