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  1. rapidtech

    HDMI Splitter

    Is it a powered splitter? If it is a passive (unpowered) splitter then you will need to go woth a active (powered) splitter. HDMI is a high bandwidth digital signal. You can check monoprice as they offer a wide range of high quality HDMI Splitter and HDMI cable products. I have used them for a few applications in the past with great success. http://www.monoprice.com/mobile/product/details/8159
  2. Been banging my head against a wall for several weeks now trying to solve a problem with my Flir DNR516P system. I have 12 cameras, all Flir cameras, everything is working fine EXCEPT that when I try to change any of the "Main Stream" or "Sub Stream" options I get an Internet explorer pop up that says, "Channel # Failed to get configuration". The settings im trying to modify are Bit rates, Frame rates, Etc… of the individual cameras. This has been working without problems for almost a year and now this. Thinking that something may have gotten corrupted in the software I factory reset the DVR. This didn’t help so I contact Flir who remoted into a computer on my LAN and they were having the same issue so they sent me a new DVR. Installed the new one and its having the exact same issue. Anyone seen this or heard of this? I have turned off every firewall on my router. Completed every port forward and nothing is working. PLEASE help me with this if you know anything so I don’t take this thing out back with a golf club. Thanks Edit: I just realized that if you are using the Flir app on the desktop, you are able to actual edit the setting through it. This is only a problem when trying to make changes in Internet Explorer through the IP address. Flir is ridiculous about their plugin not working in any other browser so IE is the only option.