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  1. Currentky installing 30 IP cameras on downrods in an exposed decking and beam ceiling. 4x2 led fixtures hang down from the ceiling on chains. Would i want my dome cameras above or below the lighy fixture height or does it even matter?
  2. Hi. You could use power line plugs to minimise cable runs. Also people alway think cameras have to be installed on the house. Looking at mounting them elsewhere might also be a option for you Power line plugs look like an interesting option but the cable still needs to get from the camera into the house. Im also looking at using some of the camera junction boxes for this install because they still haven't figured out how to build a common camera without all the big plug adapters on it... Im a licensed master electrician so running and hiding cables is common game, but since I've gotten into cctv options are so limited on these older homes...Im used to hiding all wiring and cables.
  3. on newer homes hiding wires in vinyl siding is very easy. Lately I've been getting into more installations and older homes. I have an upcoming job on a very old home which is all wood siding and has lots of woodwork. Accessing from the inside the walls in most locations is not going to happen so most of the install will be on the exterior surface mount. Im just trying to come up with a strategy so its not so horrible to look at. Any new methods or suggestions anyone can recommend?
  4. any recommendation on user friendly systems for home owners. Ive been installing QSEE and i just don't find it to be user friendly for home owners without the best computer skills. I want decent quality but I hate having to spend so much time teaching people on how to use some of these systems as they are not very user friendly at all
  5. im installing cams in a new construction house, i will be drilling through the newly installed siding into the wall space inside the new home, interior is still studs. i was planning on using silicone on the outside and foam sealer on the inside for a seal. I'm installing a qsee HD system which come with rj-45 jacks and jacket over the jack where you plug the wire into. These require about a 1/2 hole and i would need to leave slack on the inside of the house incase the wire needs to be pulled out incase camera needs changing... I don't want to install boxes , but why are they designed like this? a bigger hole in the house to stuff the plug assembly in, they should design them so the connector can get stuffed into the camera arm..Am i missing something here? seems like common sense?