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    New here, Just moved in to a house and the previous owner left his CCTV cameras and box for me. I saw him use it when we were viewing the property. worked fine. Now i am trying to set the system up now and unable to do so. please bare with me as i am very new to this tech but some stuff i understand Swann advance security system D1 4x cameras round the outside of the property 1x box in side the house SWDVK-41501B I have downloaded the software on my iMac, iPhone and iPads none of them i can get to work, i have watched videos and its made to look so easy. Imac keeps saying getting device information failed. when i try on my iPhone i scan the code as instructed and click save and error message say: IOTC servers cannot locate the specified device, probably caused by the disconnection from the device or that device does not login in yet. I have tried it through the the WPS on my router and then i have hard wired it. and still the same messages. Any advice of information would be great. AJ