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  1. Looking to buy a dahua camera, just wondering if anybody knows any decent uk distributors? a simple google search seems to give ambiguous answers
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    Dahua UK distributor

    fab thanks " title="Applause" />
  3. I have one on my desk here. Its okay, you can tell however it is on the cheaper side. The image quality does deteriorate significantly if you are looking for a delay of less than 1 second. I cant compare it to to the Hikvision, i am comparing it to the axis p1428-e for value and unfortunately i would pay the extra for the better camera i think. I suppose it would be okay for certain applications where realtime streaming wouldnt really be an issue.
  4. I bought an axis p1428-e ip camera last week for a project. It says it has 1000BASE-T which to my knowledge, correct me if i am wrong, gives a Gigabit Ethernet. I plugged the camera into a POE switch and then into my laptop and ran a stream into both the browser and VLC player, and tried doing both 1 and 2 streams at different compression rates. It was all in MJPEG. The best results i managed to achieve were around 150Mb/s, and even that was inconsistent. which is significantly less than 1Gb/s, although i wasnt expecting the full figure, i was expecting more. Can anybody suggest what i may be doing wrong? or are my expectations a little high? i have bought a similar model made my dahua and am interested to see if that gives me better results. Thanks
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    Axis 4K camera problem?

    I thought that, however they fit the spec
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    Axis 4K camera problem?

    Thanks, the delay in h.264 is too much for the application im using it for, MJPEG gives much less.
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    Best 4k ip camera

    any ideas? ideally 4k MJPEG streaming at above 20fps Price isnt too much of a concern. I have done some research however i was just wondering what the word on the street is so to speak. Thanks
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    Best 4k ip camera

    I see what you mean. Maybe i dont mean best at a specific thing. Just for the money, which camera would you say has the best 'all round characteristics'. These could include: -outdoor rated -low light performance -FOV around 35° an example i have found is the axis P1428-E which seems okay, but are there better alternatives?
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    Home Camera Placement help.

    looks alright to me, those would do some sort of a job. couple of points you may want to consider, although i do not know the area so i may be wrong: - maybe move the camera by the garage to the other side of the garage by the door, from what i see that could give you better coverage, and if youre protecting from people, youre more likely to get a face than the back of a head, which aways helps -Id also move the one on the right down more towards the door to have a better view of the gate, maybe just the other side of the window.
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    Matrix Turrent Cameras vs. Dome Cameras?

    to be honest, the turret cameras are almost as vandal proof as the dome cameras nowadays. Generally have much better IR coverage, and dome cameras get more spider web problems. If you cant tell, i like matrix turret ones more. " title="Applause" />
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    Hello all

    Hello all. Finally joined up a few days ago. Use a lot of CCTV around my house. Hope to learn a bit more about my best options and help others learn from any experiences i have had. see you around!
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    cant go too far wrong with swann CCTV cameras i have found. Got a couple of sets myself and they seem pretty good. You should be alright setting them up yourself, i have a similar setup, and it took my about a weekend to get them working (and im rubbish with technology, maybe due to my age ). any problems maybe look in a Maplins/pc world and ask if they know anybody good luck " title="Applause" />
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    Indoor dome camera question.

    There should be a few ptz cameras that would suit. I was playing with one the other day that just stood up on its own( and had quick zoom). will find a link for you at some point.