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  1. edlu21

    help with cctv camera

    Hi. Please do not buy a dvr with monitor built in .. What is your budget for a dvr I am welling to spend up to $300 i think for just the DVR I already have a 3TB HD in stock. I did read some of the other posts it seems TVL does not matter when it comes to analog since it is limited to NTSC. Sucks I will have to pull all new wires to get digital.
  2. edlu21

    help with cctv camera

    thank you for the suggestions. I found a Hybrid DVR with a build in 10" LCD display but under the spec it lists Analog 720P; 960H. It does not list anything about TVL? Will the 1200TVL camera work with it? Would be nice if the camera will list if it is 960H
  3. Hello everyone. Hope someone can suggest a good night IR camera for us. We purchased a home and it had an older 4ch DVR with 4 analog IR camera. One of the camera IR no long works at night. Since I plan to replace it may as well use one that is good. The current camera are made by Weisky model SC-06A. I tried to google that model and found nothing. All i can see it is 12vDC with 6mm len this is a wired camera. On the side of the body it is printed "digital CCD camera" this camera is outside and it covered by the front porch so it will never get wet or be hit with direct sun light. Just did google search on CCTV and it looks very much like some of these 1200TVL IR which seems be selling very cheap. I would have no issue spending money on something that last and works. I am not looking for the cheapest product and have to replace it in a year. The current camera picture seems ok. than again I am watching it on a 8" screen that came with the DVR. Thanks for any suggestions.