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  1. C7 in CA

    Hi from Golden Triangle , Portugal

    Welcome! Im from the Emerald Triangle in Northern California...
  2. C7 in CA

    Marketing with Twitter (I have changed my mind)

    Congrats! I knew you hit the big time when you got too busy to reply to my tweet. I inquired about the job position... But then again I did try posting from my phone and knowing twitter it may not have made it. Or more then likely I did it wrong.
  3. C7 in CA


    You've probably already gone this route but... Have you talked to the local 2-way radio guys and the Wireless ISP guys? They would know your best option for reliable connectivity in your area. My guess is for a well rounded solution you will need to gear-up for "all of the above" options. How about posting some pics and info about your trailer? We have a concept project for a "communications trailer" that could deploy temporary voice/data/video in remote or emergency situations. But considering our local demographics we can't seem to formulate a solid plan for a realistic return on investment. --hence the concept part. I would be interested in hearing anyone's ideas on selling services with this type of equipment.
  4. C7 in CA


    I remember a time when that use to be a lot of money...
  5. I prefer lower initial cost. Many of my sales are price influenced and few people ever inquire about warranty, but everyone inquires about price. I know a longer warranty can be used as a sales tool, but I'm a systems integrator not a salesman. Maybe if I had an office person to deal with tracking that sort of stuff I would be more interested in longer warranties. As it is now we are technicians and we just want to order new parts. Not deal with RMA's and all the headaches. Is there any research on the true value of longer warranties? For instance, if I have a 300 dollar camera with a 1 year warranty how much is that same camera with a 3 year warranty?
  6. I'm no lawyer, and maybe you couldn't get a restraining order, but should surely be able to get a cease and desist order against a camera pointed at your property. Obviously it is up to the judge, but I think it comes down to expectation of privacy. If your backyard would be private if it weren't for your neighbors chimney mounted camera pointing down into your yard I would think you have a pretty good case. It all comes down to the Judge. They can rule pretty much how they see fit.
  7. Is Video Server E flash based? No flash on blackberry's as far as I know.
  8. C7 in CA

    Looking to Setup Surveillance in Dive Bar

    Gee, That is very generous of you scorpion...
  9. I like the how-to's. On the BNC/power pigtail page you mention 16/2. Is it really 16/2 or the more common 18/2? I'm just thinking even if it is 16/2 it might be better to call it 18/2. Most DIY'ers will be using 18/2 and will be more confident in your instructions if you are too. How about adding some drywall fishing pictures? I consider myself pretty competent at fishing walls, but really get a twisted enjoyment out of watching others having to fish walls from the attic.
  10. C7 in CA

    Looking to Setup Surveillance in Dive Bar

    Are you saying we aren't gentlemen?
  11. C7 in CA

    [b]Problem with remote viewing[/b]

    I would check out the cradlepoints again. I too have heard good things about them. Also I see a lot of users online to help out with support.
  12. C7 in CA


    I see Wendy hasn't posted since December. Hopefully she will get a new post notification about this thread and read it. You can list your 1304 in the classified section of this website... That will give you your 5th post and then you can PM There is another member here named cachecreekcctv. He knows Avermedia well. Maybe he will see this thread and has a suggestion.
  13. C7 in CA


    By OWNING it you're able to give its serial, fax the bill, etc. Did you contact the dealer you bought if from? WendyWei sounds very knowledgeable on the product line and she indicates it can be reset in her post in this thread.
  14. C7 in CA


    What are they suppose to do; reset the password for just anybody that wants access to a security device? Short of you sending it in how else are they suppose to confirm you are authorized to request a password reset? Have you contacted the dealer you bought if from?
  15. C7 in CA

    Cat 3 vs Cat 5 Cable ???????

    We installed a 25 pair 5e on the job I'm working now. Some of those pairs were twisted way tighter then I have ever seen on a 4 pair 5e.