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  1. that's what i find. cheap capacitors i guess or moisture getting in. some cameras have been good others last a year.
  2. I have exactly the same issue with the 3425! 2 of 4 cameras are fuzzy and pixelated. One went that way a month ago. Today, I unplugged the cables for another camera to check something, then when I plugged it back in - it was all fuzzy too. Did you get anywhere in finding a solution? I suspect either the camera, or the cable has become degraded. as i stated in the thread above, try a different input on the DVR and see if it follows. the best way to check a camera thou is to plug it directly into a monitor with a rca input to see if it is bad. your t.v. may have the old vcr style input you can plug it into that or into a vcr and then display it on the t.v.
  3. dakotmar

    Audio problem

    did you setup the dvr to stream audio and video on the second stream?
  4. dakotmar

    newbie with install problem

    could be many things... I don't know much about ip cameras and that dvr, but can you ping the camera from a computer on the same network? can you view the camera with a browser or software supplied with the camera?
  5. have you tried moving the cameras around at the input of the dvr to rule out the dvr?
  6. Hi. I would look at changing your dvr. Looking at some of the warnings given............dvr will reset if over worked I think that means it does not work As for support ...... Well checks should of been made before it was. bought. Dowson.com dowsonuse.com Both only have either aol or gmail email addresses and all contact numbers are cell phones........ And there best selling product is a kids paddle pools. Simple IP check can save a lot of money. What happends if you remove 2 cameras and only use 1 microphone?? so what dvr/nvr would you recommend that records at least 4 audio channels, 8 would be better?
  7. dakotmar

    DVR slows my internet!

    perhaps the dvr system should be on it's own lan. the camera traffic is slowing down your routers?
  8. dakotmar

    CCTV box was hacked

    simple check, unplug the dvr from the router and see if your speed corrects itself. if the password was not changed and somebody 'found' your dvr on the net it could be posted to one of those open camera sites and you will get thousands of people watching your dvr feed, slowing down the internet at your residence. make sense?
  9. dakotmar

    Privacy and overlooking

    Did you ask your neighbour if he cares? as long as you are not looking at any windows in his house he may not care. my camera looks over the neighbours drive and the front road. she doesn't care, in fact I have been asked if I have seen any thefts pass by my house in the past. If he does care, your first step is to call by-law for your city and see if there is a by-law against it. second would be to google privacy in your province or call the privacy commisioner office in your gov't and ask for any info on the matter. Dak
  10. I have a 8 channel Dowson DVR (dvr/nvr model) that has 8 audio inputs. The dvr does not record audio for some reason. I have set the record stream to video and audio on the setup page. it will record audio for an hour or so then stop recording. when the dvr does it's weekly reset, it will pick up audio again and stop after about an hour. the tech support for this dvr has not responded to emails and the supplier has had a fire and will not be of any help for a while. anyone have any suggestions or have this problem with this dvr. the bios build is 2015-12-07 product number is AY8008H Brian
  11. dakotmar

    DVR Email Setup Help

    I have tried all of that too, using all the different ports, ssl on and off for both google and yahoo to no avail. it either fails to connect to server or fails to send mail.