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  1. Have you rebooted your router?
  2. Hi Sue, You need to change the date if you want to view before midnight.....
  3. karenbigbro2

    Colorful rainbow interference

    On my system I use 5A PSU with a splitter for the cameras and a 4A PSU for the recorder. Upgrade your PSU for both cameras and recorder....there is not enough power.
  4. karenbigbro2

    Swann DVR problem booting up

    Didn't mean to offend anyone. I apologise. I am actually new to the business and am still learning about systems and products.... and think that the forum is a great help.. TOMCCTV your knowledge is impressive and I really didn't want to offend you....and you are correct, this is not the forum to promote companies and for that I will retreat....
  5. Invest in 1080p AHD and install yourself using premade cables. Systems are now plug and play. Install yourself: Our system would cost approx £500.00 incl vat for AHD 1080p Varifocal dome cameras and all cables, connectors and power supplies. Installation costs: Approx £150 - 180.00
  6. A new 1080p AHD recorder that will accept your cameras is approx £190 + vat. The 700TVL cameras are quite old and you will need to upgrade to 1080p for better definition. These cameras are from £34.99+vat. Upgrade the DVR first, you may see some difference, then start to change the cameras, you can mix and match on the new DVR.
  7. karenbigbro2

    Question for new AHD camera board

    This mainboard is over 2 years old.
  8. karenbigbro2

    Installation help and advice please

    Why not buy a weatherproof box to house the connectors or if they are dome cameras, buy the dome bases
  9. Check the power supply to the cameras, if all cameras have gone off - the power supply may have failed.
  10. karenbigbro2

    hard drive

    We use Toshiba HDD in our machines.
  11. karenbigbro2

    New system recommendation

  12. karenbigbro2

    Against the law?

    You should be able to mask off areas that are not relevant to the business, i.e. peoples houses, bedrooms etc.
  13. karenbigbro2

    PTZ not zooming

    Check the power supply to the camera.
  14. karenbigbro2

    Unknown CCTV System Help

    It looks like an old kit - 1000TVL cameras have not been manufactured for over 12months. You should get an instruction cd, and this will give you instructions to download the app, which is normally done by scanning a QR code from the menu on the DVR
  15. Yes, they are called WIFI Extender, generally available online at many stores.
  16. karenbigbro2

    CCTV Camera issue

    Is the new camera AHD? Is the recorder tribrid ? If not - and you have purchased an AHD camera with an analogue recorder this is the reason it won't work as they do not mix...
  17. karenbigbro2

    Megapixel pinhole lens??

    Yes the 1080p AHD 3.0Mp pinhole covert camera is 3Mp
  18. karenbigbro2

    CCTV Newbie looking for some advice

    I would recommend an 8 channel AHD 1080p DVR - 2TB hard drive with either fixed or varifocal dome cameras. You should get remote viewing on all machines. Most 1080p AHD cameras are 2.4Mp - and although you can get 8 Channel AHD DVR machines that support 3Mp the cameras will not be ready for a couple of months. 2.4Mp is awesome quality. Unfortunately you will struggle to find the quality for £250.00. http://www.bigbrothersystems.com/diy-cctv-kits/analogue-high-definition-kits-ahd/ahd-1080p-4-channel-kit-28-12mm-lens-1tb-hdd
  19. karenbigbro2

    Need help on my DVR

    Have you checked your Power Supply. Looks like you have very little power getting to the DVR. Check to see if the light on the power pack is flashing - if so purchase another. YOu will need 5A 12V at least for the number of cameras that you have.
  20. karenbigbro2

    identifying camera

    That looks so very old, I wouldn't bother trying to find a receiver.
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    Are they compatible?
  22. karenbigbro2

    Unable to set some cameras to 960H mode

    Why have you bought a system with 700TVL cameras? These cameras are probably older than your existing system. 1000TVL cameras were discontinued last year in favour of AHD. The market is flooded with old cameras but 1080p AHD is the new technology - at great prices.
  23. Hi, it seems that you have an ANPR camera - which is normally used for Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Car parks etc....and it is only 650TVL ( which was discontinued years ago) I would suggest that you get a new camera - look at AHD 1080p Varifocal bullet cameras - but can only be used on a Tribrid recorder.
  24. karenbigbro2

    Time and date keep resetting? HELP

    You will find that most recorders have a battery in the DVR to operate the time and date on the recorder. Open the recorder to see if there is a battery - replacing this should alleviate your issue.