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  1. jschubach

    New from OH

    Greeting! I am a CCTV installer from Ohio, recently joined this forum. We always run into weird problems and I'm trying to glean information from others who have run into similar issues. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to troubleshoot an older Nuvico PTZ that I installed a few years ago: I can control the PTZ with the DVR and keyboard, access the OSD menu, and activate presets. It is not activating tours, patterns, or scans. I've already power cycled the DVR, keyboard, and PTZ to no avail. Does anyone have any other troubleshooting ideas short of replacing the PTZ? Thank you!
  3. jschubach

    pelco spectra 3 ?

    I had encountered a similar issue with a Nuvico PTZ where the pattern would be set without a problem and would run just fine for a while. Eventually, the PTZ would get off track and was scanning the wall to which it was mounted until I power cycled it. I found that the issue was the snap at the end of the pattern; once it finished the pattern, it would jump 180* to the start of the pattern and I think it would cause it to become misaligned. Once I created a new pattern that returned to the starting point, the PTZ has been running just fine. Hope that helps!