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  1. VTR'S have a loading system that relies on a number of interactions: loading motor...clutch...brakes...pinch roller... back tension...etc Spillage & jamming inside the machine usually means one or more of the mentioned are worn or dirty with ferric oxide from an old cassette tape shedding & sticking to the tape path.
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    video- watching the snow storm go by

    What nice footage...would make a very nice 2017 Calender
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    Thank you for your reply. That now makes a lot of sense to me... their are no heat sinks in this machine but their are two hard drives where one fan is situated. I presume this is the intake to cool the drives the other fan is situated diagonally across from the other where the motherboard resides to exhaust air out
  4. The two fans in my DVR were faulty and removed. Have since bought two replacements but unsure what way they should face inside the DVR case, does the logo sticker on the fans face out of the unit.
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    Power supplies.

    Why does my DVR have an internal metal contained mains operated SMPSU when many others have a small plasitic encased also mains operated 12v ( external ) SMPSU .
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    Brand New.

    Hello to all on this forum i live in the UK.