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  1. The monitors on my old Bosch Eazeo system (rebadged old Philips Reo) - 8-input multiplex plus two slave monitors - are slowly dying and the cameras, although working fine, are nowadays some way off the pace for image quality. So I would like to upgrade the cameras and replace the old monitors with maybe 17in flat screens. I'm reading that I can use my existing (well buried) Bosch system 4-wire dual twisted pair cabling and just use adapters to convert the old RJ11 connectors to BNC. But this wonderful cable carries everything including power, video, 2-way audio and telemetry commands to an "Action Box" component which opens and closes my entrance gates by pressing a button on any of my monitors (or my remote control). Will I still have this POE functionality through BNC adapters as I really don't want to lay new power cable? And how will I be able to interface with my existing intercom and gate opener controls without the proprietary Bosch monitors? Could I introduce a DVR into the system to give me these controls? In case it helps, have read elsewhere that my cable gives: pin 2 = video + ------------------------video ground pin 1 = video - ------/-----------------video + pin 3 = power +15v / pin 4 = ground ----/ Thanks for any help.
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    Legacy RJ11E system with dead monitors

    Thanks for your advice, Tom. It seems the cctv world has moved on a lot since I last looked into it and it doesn't help that I'm not a techie. Components seem a lot cheaper than when I was last in the market 10 years ago. But when I Googled cvi, I didn't see any brand names I recognised nor very many UK vendors. Could you point me to any? The main reason I haven't upgraded before now is that I didn't want to dig up all the trenches containing my 4-wire dual twisted pair cable - or open up my brick gate pillars to replace the cable which leads to my gate camera and the "Action Box" which gives me 2-way audio to the gate and an open/close button on my master unit. But if you are saying that cvi will use my existing cabling then I don't mind upgrading everything else. The main reason I bought my present system is that the one cable carries everything: video + 2-way audio + telemetry commands + power. Will cvi cameras also be able to draw power from my existing cable? And will my existing cabling to my slave monitors also work - noting that the gate function buttons also work on the slaves? And do you know if there is a cvi equivalent of my existing gate camera/intercom/open/close unit - http://www.100share.com/zzB00026BVWS.htm ? I don't currently use a dvr but would add one if that was the only way to access the system settings and the gate functions. I'm sorry to ask so many questions.
  3. Hi - my first post and I'm desperate, so I hope I'm in the right place! I have an old Bosch Eazeo (formerly Philips Reo) RJ11E video surveillance system installed with 8 cameras inside and out - which all work perfectly - and a master monitor with two slave monitors scattered around the house. The master unit and one of the slave units have given up the ghost in that they don't display an image any more but the other slave monitor still works. Since I invested quite a lot in the cameras - one of which is built into my automatic gates - I would like to keep using them; but I would need to find another way of displaying the switching images. Is there another RJ11E monitor which my cameras would plug into and work? In an ideal world, I would like also to retain the "Action Box" functionality I had on the master and slave monitors whereby I could push a button to talk to a visitor at the gates and another button to open and close the gates…but I suspect that's too much to hope for. My system uses 4-wire dual twisted pair cable and it's the 8-camera version of this: https://cdn.barcodesinc.com/themes/barcodesinc/pdf/Bosch/eazeo.pdf Grateful for any help.