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    Samsung SRD-470D Constantly rebooting

    Have a look at two things. Powersupply and harddrive. First disconnect your harddrive. Boot up, if it reboots again have a look at the powersupply What is the rating of the powersupply? If it stated 12vDC connect it to a multimeter and check to see if it gives the rated power. It may be that as soon as the harddrive spins up the powersupply fails to provide power to all the parts and then restarts.
  2. Eagleview Security

    Best 1080p NVR IP Camera Kit - £400 Budget

    Hi there. Firstly, no, Swann is not a good brand....it is a mass produced brand. There is lots of much better brands out there. My advice is, stay away from kits. Kits are usually the worst items thrown together to make a quick buck. So....I would say search for ONVIF compatible IP cameras, choose 4 of the same...most important. Then go to www.sighthound.com They have software that will work on your PC with some of the best functions, people detection, object detection etc. And can take unlimited cameras. This will make your IP cameras work for you instead of you all the time spending monitoring the cameras......
  3. Eagleview Security

    continual alarm Hikvision 7204

    Yes, that is just what I wanted to say. This usually happens if there is no harddrive installed, or if there is cameras not connected.........
  4. Eagleview Security

    hello everyone

    This is one of the best forums to do it in. But, trust me, go to youtube. Study networking, port forwarding, cabling, and look at the variety of functions cameras have (POE, WDR, HLC) and so on......It is a long road.....doing this 20 years and still learning....
  5. Eagleview Security

    Qsee: Can't hear audio on recorded Hard Drive

    Try to download the KLITE MEGA PACK (different codecs) then do the playback through media player. Solved a lot of my customers issues.
  6. Eagleview Security

    A couple Hikvision 9632 NVR questions

    My Wapa systems also has two network ports. But, 1 is supposed to go to your router (to link to the internet for remote view) and the other one goes to the POE switches. This way you will have your cameras separate from the network of the company or home, which is a good thing. Will stop IP conflicts and bandwidth issues....but that depends if your system works this way.
  7. Eagleview Security

    forgot account

    Best is to contact a Hikvision dealer. With my systems I have the recovery console in my office for lost accounts......only available if the customer can prove he purchased the unit from me. With Hikvision, you can also email them (just google their technical support) and send them the serial number and other details you can see.
  8. Eagleview Security

    Dark Camera Image

    I beg to differ. It is daytime, nothing to do with the led's. Just you have different shadows and installation points. In other words, to have the camera display correctly on the right, in the position it is in, Home Depot cameras wont do it. Go to a reputable dealer and get a WDR camera. It is meant to work in areas where there is bright light and dark areas mixed....... Laslty....it can be a faulty camera since it is the more "mass produced" and not industrial cameras. Here in our country we have learned to stay away from the bigger retail stores when it comes to CCTV, since they only chase money, not customer satisfaction (they don't need it).
  9. Eagleview Security

    DVR not starting. can hear only a long beep sound

    Sounds like the board is damaged. And you are right...there is no way to flash if it will not boot....well.....most of the systems. At the current rate rather replace it ASAP or just take it in for a warranty check.
  10. Eagleview Security


    If it is an AHD system, there should not be any "bandwidth" issues that will cause delays to your DVR unit. Unless it is a poorly designed DVR. Other things can be a faulty harddrive causing system instability. In other words if you are using a slower desktop harddrive instead of a CCTV harddrive, like western digitals black drive, or Seagate's SV35 range. But, that is a small possibility. If you are complaining about the remote view, even a 100mb network with cameras on this resolution should not cause problems. Since your internet is more than fast enough I would propose the processor like you stated on this dvr is of a poor quality Or the network port is a problem......
  11. I do not sell Hikvision. Have our own brand. But, look for DMZ on your router and enter the DVR's IP adres in there. That will open all the ports for testing purposes and forward it to the dvr. From www.eagleviewsecurity.co.za
  12. Eagleview Security


    Only way would be to go with IP cameras and use nanostations (wireless bridges). Easiest route believe me......