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  1. I have seen this once before on a Hikvision recorder. Both cameras had the same IP address. This made the recorder go back and fourth between the two cameras on the same channel.
  2. willyb

    system set up.

    To me, it looks like the IR is reflecting inside the dome. Make sure the seal around the lens is on properly. After just noticing the view with the light off I am sure that is the issue.
  3. willyb

    Unmanned surveillance unit

    Any idea on how you want to power the case?
  4. I have done Video Monitoring for the last 10 years and I can promise you that you will be overwhelmed with the amount of alerts you will receive from a PIR or "video motion" (pixel change) alert. Install an analytic camera (Checkvideo, Avigilon, Visualint, etc.) for accurate alerts. The CheckVideo camera can be configured to arm/disarm following the alarm panel. If you can arm/disarm from your phone then you can arm/disarm the cameras. I am sure the others can as well, I have not tried them though. Hikvision offers "analytics" on most of their IP cameras but based on my experiences, they do not work very well in outdoor applications. Another way would be to put a switch in line with the power to the camera. If it is an IP camera, turn off power on the POE port on the switch and power with a transformer. Can't turn it off from your phone though.
  5. They both have a lot of the same features apart from the IR distance. The EXIR on Hikvision cameras provides a lot of illumination in low light environments. I have used both cameras and they are both good cameras. It all comes down to if you want a smaller, lower profile camera or a giant camera. The DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 camera is pretty big. What are you using to record these cameras?