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  1. MistaTony

    Low light camera recommendation?

    You are welcome.
  2. Several of my customers are using easterncctv's starlight ip cameras. they give you color image in extremely low light condition, ip66 and poe. They come with built in IRs though, i guess you can turn them off manually. Some other manufactures have similar products too, but i haven't tested them yet.
  3. I know EasternCCTV has something like this too.
  4. Any IP based system will meet your needs. You can remotely login to the system and control the cameras, look at the live view, playback or backup the footage recorded. And this can be done on your computer or smart phone.
  5. MistaTony

    Low light camera recommendation?

    The IR cameras are not much more expensive than the non IRs, they are just in black and white. We helped our client installed some starlight cameras from EasternCCTV, they get good color images at low light. I don't know how much you plan to spend but if I were you, i wanna get some new cameras with new technologies that will last for a good number of years. And the ones we were using were IPC, but I know they also have TVI starlight cameras.