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  1. Hi to all, I would appreciate someone to help me here below because I lost already 4 days trying to fix the issue. I have 9 cameras managed by a DS - 7208HGHI-SH HKVISION 8 are analogic in the class 2CE16C 1 is IP 2CD 1202 All works fine with HVISION tools For fun, I am trying to configure Surveillance station Station with my Synology NAS 916+The IP Camera 2CD 1202 works fine in Surveillance station However, the 8 analogic camera are not functioning well. At installation on surveillance station, the connection tests are OK but they appear disconnected when I confirm them to go live.I have tried a manual installation, trying to find the source URL of each camera, it does not work I wonder if we can connect directly the DS - 7208HGHI-SH HKVISION directly to the NAS? Thank you in advance for your help Cheers Supergonzo
  2. Hi, I got the following answer from Synology Unfortunately our NVR cannot support directly connect with analogue cameras or DVR. You can refer to here for the compatibility of HikVision cameras: Is there a way to turn analog cameras into IP cameras? Thank you in advance for your help Cheers Supergonzo