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  1. replaced the power supply and have tested the cameras at the dvr on short bit of wire. I have also left the cameras in the same position and connected to my test monitor next to the dvr and that works fine, but connect to the DVR and nothing. I am seriously baffled. Anyone know of this issue?
  2. Hi, I am really hoping that someone can answer my mystery nightmare job. I took over a CCTV system in a golf club and there was a lightning strike (apparently) and this took out the cameras on the driving range. Some cameras are in the golf shop (cameras in shop work fine) along with the dvr and monitor ,which is seperate to the driving range, but the CCTV cameras from the diving range does not work when connected to the DVR in the shop. cables travel underground approx 35m, from the range to the shop. We have replaced the cable, the cameras, the DVR and the monitor. We have re-run the cable underground twice, swappped all devices dvr, monitor and cameras twice. Still nothing. However connecting the cctv cameras from the driving range in the shop into my test monitor it works fine. connect it to the dvr or monitor nothing. This is an anologue system. does anyone have any ideas? Steve