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  1. Cooldude16

    Analog Camera & DVR compatibility

    Hello any dvr will work with a analog camera as long as its got a BNC connection ect the dvr could be a AHD dvr which are not analog but they will be some settings to change it
  2. Hello have u done a test on the psu incase it has blown the psu also have u checked when outside that the LED are coming on when ur hands are placed over the cameras have u got a cheap camera u know that defo works to test ect also does it work with the cable inside the shop as u might be cutting into the wire with it been under ground hope this helps
  3. Cooldude16

    Qvis Apollos-HDLITE8 firmware

    Im not fussed if its a lite version it is a good dvr system and would like to keep it upto date the best i can as its a 8 channel with 8tb hdd inside and it runs nice but would like to have it upto date if anyone can help me at all?
  4. Hello ive just got a Qvis Apollos-HDLITE8 Dvr system. it is in full working order but the new firmware hosts a lot more which i need i have had a look on the qvis website which is that handy that u cannot find anything lol i have also rang up qvis which i have been told we cannot give u support i have also tried their live chat which i have not got anything back from them and im now trying to see if someone can help me this dvr system is a good system but i would like the most upto date firmware that their is for this system i have been told that the new one has face recondition ect and does a lot more but can anyone help me at all please get the latest its a Qvis Apollos-HDLITE8 this is from the sticker under the system thank you