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  1. Hi, Im in a similar situation and this is what Ive found in NZ The Camera and Recording devices need to be matched, so you may find a Kit more useful with the addition of the PTZ cam. POE or wireless (power over Ethenet cable to recording box or internet if avail- gives you cell photo pictures... good for Biz and reporting to police) Min of 1080P Full Res on Cams and recorder/playback otherwise the lower resolution (720p) is useless to identify for prosecution. also 2MP pixel seems pretty good base to start from. Checkout retailers in UK that have installers as well (if possible) or chat with those that install to get some clues what you might be facing. So much low Quality stuff on market by brand, you will get familiar quickly by what they don't tell you about the cameras! Just my 5 cents worth, All the best.
  2. chrissfour

    Power/Voltage Drop over cable length!

    " title="Applause" /> to all who participated! lol Thanks guys
  3. chrissfour

    Power/Voltage Drop over cable length!

    Thankyou for your thoughts there. I see my idea still needs further thought as to viable options. ie "step down dc/dc" good idea. If the end user then was to consider a 12v system what would the "acceptable distance of power supply" be recommended? Thanks guys.
  4. chrissfour

    Power/Voltage Drop over cable length!

    Thankyou for the explanation. I understand what your saying as in the formula. Is it then "feasible" to use an Injector for such a low voltage and hook up to a Cat5 cable? to carry a further distance ... to the power location or simply... the same situation occurs... even with cat5? I understood that a Cat5 would be more efficient in some uses, however is this valid for my use? Thanks
  5. I'm starting to realise that this was not thought of before when People Buy a CCTV camera Kit and adaptors and start to find that the Ceiling space may not have nearby Power access. 1) When I searched for 12v - 24v Power drop off I found this quite helpful. http://www.cctvcamerapros.com/AC-DC-voltage-drop-cable-distance-s/846.htm Print it out or copy paste etc so if your designing from scratch then this might help. Im currently looking at a FOSCAM brand IP camera that required 5v 2A feed. http://www.foscam.co.nz 2) The company recommended a 3 meter extension the max to the power board. I wanted about 10 -15 meters But then I knew that POE was about and I need not be too restricted in length for our Home use. I also have seen "Injectors" like a splitter carry the power through a Cat5? cable so thought that would be an option too? Question - Am I on the right track or do I need to think of something else? Tia Chris
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    Hi From New Zealand

    Hi everyone - I signed up to learn more about CCTV and home security systems just on a personal level for the family. Although I have a business I only do a little of my work from home most is on other sites (builder). I would like to setup a medium level - good night vision system (30m) here as we have noticed an increase in break-ins in the city we live and I'm storing alot of gear on the property. Most of my cctv parts would be sourced via the Auction Web site Trademe.co.nz New. unless recent good used components could be found etc.. Retails stores advertise widely. I've learnt a little and hope to add to my knowledge base so we can install a system soon. Im in my 55's and still learning. Thanks Chris