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  1. Hello, I want to know if 2 normal 720p, 1 megapixel camera (from CPPLUS) and a normal DVR can be powered on if installed in a commercial bus. I was checking power usage of mobile dvrs and its around 10 watts less than normal ones so i am thinking a normal camera system can run but still i would be glad to get help from experts. I dont need real time streaming on another computer, gps or anything. just 2 HD cams and 1 dvr.( along with other accessories to make it run) Also, if its possible to run a traditional cctv setup in the bus then 1)can i also install a a usb powered monitor inside the bus? or the bus cannot feed it enough power? 2)If the bus is not running from where the cctv setup get power to run? And if a traditional setup is not possible, is there a way to make it possible? Thank You