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  1. SATO is a Korean Brand, you should remove your word (Spam) from the post.
  2. There are many DVR HD (AHD, CVI, TVI) type cameras available in online. I am sure you will try to find out another brand that will work properly. Currently, I am using SALTO brand's camera and never feel problem for longtime.
  3. SATO1

    IP Camera Viewer Pro on Roku

    IP Camera Viewer lets you stream full-motion video or jpeg snapshots from an IP camera to a Roku device on the same network. IP Camera Viewer lets you stream the complete motion video or jpeg snapshots with a camera to a Roku devices on the other network.
  4. The firmware update file should download with a .upd extension, ream more https://avtech.com/articles/164/how-to-update-firmware-on-avtech-devices/
  5. In the images, It's hard to describe that manage your USB-485 interface for connection to a PC and software. Although, I will suggest you go through on SATO LOck that provides access control system devices and software across the globe.
  6. SATO1

    newbies 1st cctv system

    In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans.
  7. SATO1

    New member looking for advise

    I think, according to your require Prime Source is the perfect choice where you can get more knowledge and place an order for a digital video system for your house.
  8. SATO1

    ID card for employees

    Hi HardTech, I considered that your attendance machine or employee id are not working properly after 5 punching. It may be an issue in machine or punching cards. So now you are planning to change your access control system, if am I right, I will suggest a company that will fix your issue forever. Though SATO provides all kind of access control system and security solutions across the globe.
  9. I also feeling same issue here, please someone help me.
  10. I think that It is looking like upgraded digital access control systems and This also differs from tradition door locks system.
  11. Hi That is your CCTV camera, you can use it where you want.
  12. Hi, There I am going to introduce new access control system lock for hotel guest room, residential and commercial that it works automatically by RFID key card. This electronic cylinder system works automatically. It is generated with a personal unique code number. For further details do the access on the website. http://primesource.me/electronic-cylinders/
  13. SATO1

    Hello everyone

    Hi There, Myself is Sato and is from Singapore. I manufactured hotel guest room door locks and key cards.