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  1. Hello i am Pilipino working as multi tasking technician here Muscat,Oman Thanks for accepting me as one your member guys thanks I have small trick regarding to all DVR,NVR,PC based system All technical people this the answer of all question right there.... This is my first time to pose like this forum i hope i can help you with this methods 100% it works in all recorder out there.. 1.} First if you forgot your password there are model of recorder that you cannot . . .make default or hardware based defaulting i am right... 2.} 2nd you recognize that there 2nd user it means you can access true 2nd . . . . users accounts like sample /USER+USER or GUEST+GUEST it means it . . . . . possible right? 3.} First technical person you should save 1st your back up in your dvr cfg..then . . it means you know the password of your 1st cfg back up right then in . . . . . pages two of this topics i think you know now what you do?? 4.} In pages three meaning you have back up of your cgf..of course you know . . . the password of your 1st back up right after this if somebody change the . . . . . password then he forget it big problem,then you can default your recorder . . . thru 2nd user or guest account..