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  1. Mnementh13

    To reboot?

    Some more advice sought. Is it a good idea to reboot your DVR on a weekly basis? The reason that I ask is that I set mine up to do this and came to it this morning to find that it had wiped my recording settings. At this point, I have turned the reboot setting off as I cannot see anything that 'saves' my settings, other than in each menu there is an Apply button, which I have used on each occasion. Many thanks
  2. Mnementh13

    Blupont Manual

    Seems there isn't one, have to use a generic one. Quite fun [not!] when it doesn't really represent your DVR's software configuration, but managed to sort my issue.
  3. Mnementh13

    Email problem

    Thanks - have managed to find two email addresses that work and receiving email alerts Thanks for your help M
  4. Mnementh13

    Email problem

    Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, aware of filling my in-box [if I get this working, but have a camera in a position that should have no movement]. I am unsure what the inbound address should be. Is this the same as the outbound? Thanks
  5. Mnementh13

    Email problem

    I am looking for some inspiration. I have a fairly basic DVR [blupont] and have managed to set it up as I need. However, the one thing that I am struggling with is the email notification side of things. As far as I am aware, the network side of things is fine as I use the Android app NVSIP to view my system whilst away from my house. I wanted to use my Outlook.com email xxxx-xxxxx@outlook.com, but each time that I enter the details the system informs me that it is an illegal address! My belief is that it doesn't like the - in the address. I have used my gmail account which it accepts. I believe that I have set the DVR up to send an email when motion detection is activated - it records the video, but I am getting no email. I have attached a couple of images of the relevant settings. Thanks
  6. Mnementh13

    Blupont Manual

    HI, I have a Blupont DVR-4CH-BP system and appear to have lost the manual which I now need. I purchased the DVR from Home-CCTV and they are being their useful helpful selves. I have tried emailing Blupont, but just get a failed delivery notification. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a manual for this DVR? Thanks, M