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  1. Some more advice sought. Is it a good idea to reboot your DVR on a weekly basis? The reason that I ask is that I set mine up to do this and came to it this morning to find that it had wiped my recording settings. At this point, I have turned the reboot setting off as I cannot see anything that 'saves' my settings, other than in each menu there is an Apply button, which I have used on each occasion.


    Many thanks

  2. Ok, you've set outbound settings (sender address), but you miss inbound (receiver) address. Set this and test. I suggest not to use email notification for motion detection, it will pile up your inbox sending an email for every motion detected.


    Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, aware of filling my in-box [if I get this working, but have a camera in a position that should have no movement].


    I am unsure what the inbound address should be. Is this the same as the outbound?



  3. I am looking for some inspiration. I have a fairly basic DVR [blupont] and have managed to set it up as I need. However, the one thing that I am struggling with is the email notification side of things. As far as I am aware, the network side of things is fine as I use the Android app NVSIP to view my system whilst away from my house.


    I wanted to use my Outlook.com email xxxx-xxxxx@outlook.com, but each time that I enter the details the system informs me that it is an illegal address! My belief is that it doesn't like the - in the address. I have used my gmail account which it accepts. I believe that I have set the DVR up to send an email when motion detection is activated - it records the video, but I am getting no email. I have attached a couple of images of the relevant settings.





  4. HI,


    I have a Blupont DVR-4CH-BP system and appear to have lost the manual which I now need. I purchased the DVR from Home-CCTV and they are being their useful helpful selves. I have tried emailing Blupont, but just get a failed delivery notification. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a manual for this DVR?