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  1. cardlockco

    Lenel Onguard

    It sounds like to me you may need to archive some of your data. Then you can run reports on smaller segments. Also, it is not good for your system to let the database get too big. Or, if it is using Mercury panels (which you probably are) then you can convert them to the software we sell and you will not have to search the internet for help. You can call and one of our tech support guys or myself can help you. Access control, in general, has the worst customer support. It sure makes it easier for us to compete against them. But it sure makes it harder for you guys. Try archiving and see if that helps. Also, you may try restarting the pc right before you run that report to free up some RAMM in case it is having problems with that. I have seen that be a problem when you are trying to run a report with a huge SQL DB.
  2. Without knowing the particulars of that system I am thinking that you have not set the card format for that panel. If it was used in another facility then you will need to probably reset the panel to clear out the old programming. Then somewhere in your software, it will ask you for a card format or script. You need to tell it what format it is. For instance, it could be a standard 26-bit format. Look at the programming on the panel level. look at what that format is set to on the ones that work.
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    You should buy from me. I can honestly say that nobody has been doing it longer than we have. We started it 1948. How many doors?